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August 15, 2010 / Steve

Day 227 – Waxed Up & Looking Good

I spent some time this weekend, for the first time in quite a while, detailing my car. It’s a lot of work the way I do it, but it sure makes me appreciate it more. I go a little over board, which is no surprise to the people who know me.

Among the usual towels, brushes, sponges, etc. I also use canned compressed, air, q-tips, a toothbrush and a selection of buffing compounds, waxes, and cleaners. I’ll admit, it’s a little ridiculous, but no detail shop (at any price) even comes close. Now, I guess we’ll just wait for the rain, since I’ve pretty much guaranteed it now that my car is all cleaned up. Isn’t that how it usually works?

Strobist info:
The shot here was done with my 430EX flash (1/2 power) and a reflective umbrella, all at my right. The lit up umbrella provided some interesting reflection, and the needed illumination for the shot.



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  1. Mike Behm / Aug 16 2010 8:50 PM

    Dude, I thought I was the only one that uses compressed air and q-tips. Nice!

    • Steve / Aug 16 2010 9:34 PM

      It’s good to know I am not alone in my insanity. 🙂

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