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October 21, 2010 / Steve

Day 294 – Shiny, Happy Puppy

Like the R.E.M. song, just a little different….

With the proceeds from a past photo shoot, I bought some new gadgetry for controlling my lighting equipment wirelessly. The “RadioPopper” triggers arrived today so you know I had to try ’em out. They work like a charm; no more running between light stands to adjust flash power as I can do it all now right from the camera! Please pardon my camera tech geek-out.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Bailey has made an appearance so it’s time once again. She’s almost 12 years old and has the beginnings of cataracts, so her eyes have a blueish tint when she’s looking into bright light. The only post processing I did here is to blacken her pupils… and while I was at it, brighten her iris’ too. After all, this is a glamour shot. 🙂 As always, “click the pic!”

Strobist info:

  • 430EX in a small softbox at camera right, at approximately 1/2 power
  • AB800 bare behind her and a camera left at about 1/8 power

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