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September 29, 2010 / Steve

Day 272 – Strange Abyss

See if you can guess what this is before clicking the link at the bottom of the post…

Today was a very busy but good day of work. When it was all over, I didn’t have my usual urge to get out of the house. Today’s picture had to be simple and close by; there was just no way I was going exploring tonight.

Feeling pretty lazy and unmotivated for photography (at first), I started looking around the house (yet again) for some sort of object that would provide a worthy (enough) subject for a photo. The ordinary subject I chose to work with quickly turned into something very intriguing, and I started to develop a feel for the shot I wanted. Within minutes and a couple of dozen photos later, I was on the path to something I felt good about.

Still wondering what it is? Well, click here to find out. Yes, an acrylic drink cup! You don’t want to break a real glass while drinkin’ in the hot tub after all….

I set it on the counter top on its side to make use of the under-cabinet counter lighting. Twenty or so shots in, I then added a blue-ish LED  light off to the right for extra effect to finally end up with this. A close focus allows for a nice shallow depth of field, and the impression of a much larger space. The camera was more or less pointed straight into the cup.


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