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September 25, 2010 / Steve

Day 268 – 2010 Pacific Islander Festival

For whatever reason, there are a ton of things going on all around San Diego right now. It’s hard to pick what to spend your time with on the weekends. Today we chose well and went to the Pacific Islander Festival on Mission Bay. What a great time! I want to be a Hawaiian. 🙂

There’s just something about the culture that is so interesting and comfortable to me. Soaking up the sun while listening to live Hawaiian music and watching hula and fire dancers helps too I suppose.

I didn’t have my long zoom lens today so was really getting the most out of the 21 megapixels of my 5D Mark II camera. Lots of megapixels allows you to use only a small portion from the original, while still having good color, clarity and sharpness. For example, here’s the original of this shot with the highlighted region showing the crop I used. You can see I only used a tiny portion of the picture.

Since I could only zoom in so far, cropping in on the subject takes what would have otherwise been an underwhelming photo from a distance, and turns it into something that’s pretty interesting. The same principle works for any camera really, especially those with 10 or more megapixels. Below that you might not be so happy with the clarity and sharpness of the picture. For many kinds of photos, closer is quite often better.


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