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August 31, 2010 / Steve

Day 242 – Staggered Bowls

A time-permitting shot was all I could manage today. Susan had these bowls sitting out one day awhile back when I first noticed the staggered pattern, which I thought was interesting.

In a pinch, a composed shot like this helps me keep get through days where I didn’t end up with much time for photography. While this type of shot may not be the most interesting sort of picture, I always learn something new about lighting when doing setups like this, and then ends up paying off when I shoot more interesting subjects like people.

Strobist info:
430EX @ 1/4 power into a small photoflex softbox, camera right and slightly above, 4 o’clock position
540EZ @ 1/16 power, snooted at camera left, 10 o’clock position directed onto posterboard behind subject


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