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July 12, 2010 / Steve

Day 193 – Putting Green

My ever-ready dog Bailey reminded me that “I” needed some exercise this evening. So, we went to a nearby trail that meanders through pine and eucalyptus trees and bright red sandstone cliffs. At the end of the trail, we usually just double back since the trail ends at the driving range and practice putting greens of one of the local golf courses (I don’t blatantly want to flaunt my trespassing). It was late in the evening and no one was around, so I had no problems setting up a tripod and shooting some long exposures across the putting green.

The light streak in the sky is from an aircraft that moved through the frame during the 30 second exposure (f/4.0, ISO 400, 35mm). It was nearly calm, with only the slightest breeze causing just a bit of movement in the flags on the green; the closest of which was my focus point. What caught my eye, and inspired me to take the picture was the way the security lights skimmed over the surface of the grass in the background and putting green. I had previously though of doing a shot like this (putting green) but hadn’t thought to do it at night.

Long exposures are actually pretty tough shots to nail. As still as you think everything is, there is often movement that you don’t notice, and it shows up in long exposures as a soft focus or worse, motion blur. Even the smallest things can ruin a good long exposure; people walking by, cars on a nearby road (trucks especially), the dog’s wagging tail slapping against the leg of the tripod… Anyway, while I was doing my shots, Bailey relaxed and sprawled out on the comfy surface of the putting green near one of the flags. It did feel like a nice cool carpet after all; who could blame her. Since I knew there would be no way she’d stay still for a long exposure, I didn’t try. It would have been a great shot though.


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  1. Marco / Jul 13 2010 1:21 AM

    Love this Steve, very serene shot!

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