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July 9, 2010 / Steve

Day 189 – Ode to Tommy Bahama

I’m a big fan of Tommy Bahama clothing, artwork, furniture, and the whole island theme in general. So, while pondering what to shoot tonight (in the remaining minutes of the day), I decided to try to do something themed in island/tropical style.  I actually started thinking about this earlier today while taking a good look at this nice fresh pineapple that Susan brought home has been sitting in our kitchen waiting to be sliced up. Incidentally, this is something Susan loves to do; slice and dice – particularly since she got a Shun). As a side note, the Minosharp 3 I bought that was recommended for the Shun has also made the rest of our knives like razors.

Anyway, I remembered we had this bamboo floor mat and I thought it might make a good backdrop, adding to my tropical island tiki theme. The scene still looked a little bare so I added a couple of mango and some pottery we brought home from our trip to Costa Rica. After a little post processing, I think I am respectably close to how some of this island themed artwork looks. Good enough for me anyway. 🙂

For whatever reason, I waited until 11 PM before starting to put together the shot, build the lighting on the scene, etc. When I took the memory card out of the camera to download, it was 11:57 PM. Nothing like waiting until the last minute I guess! Still, I had fun doing this one and I like the results a lot more than I expected to.

Strobist info:

  • Main light (or key light as we photogs call it) at camera right and above – AB800 into a 64″ Parabolic umbrella with diffuser at a little more than 1/4 power
  • Rim/accent light at camera left, opposing the main light – 430EX @ 1/16 power, gelled orange for warm color

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