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July 7, 2010 / Steve

Day 188 – An Affinity for Fences – Earthquakes, Not So Much…

I wouldn’t have thought so before starting this project, but I clearly have a thing for wood fences, as this concept has been featured in the project a few different times already. Nevertheless, it’s a timeless subject that always looks good to me.

Late in the afternoon, we had a 5.4 magnitude earthquake in an area closer to us than usual. Quakes of this magnitude have happened several times since Easter, but they are usually across the border and what we feel is more like a boat rocking. This one however, was in Borrego Springs, which is only about 2 hours driving distance from us. This one got your attention in a big way and it seemed to last longer too. Not cool!

After work, I went down to the San Elijo Ecological Reserve, hoping to get some good wildlife photos, but the tide was out and there wasn’t that much activity on the lagoon in the area I chose. After walking the trail for a while, I arrived at a lookout point with this wood fence and some benches nearby. Even though it’s July, there are still some things blooming, which helps make a shot like this look even better.


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  1. Marco / Jul 8 2010 9:55 AM

    Lovely photo Steve, so serene.

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