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May 18, 2010 / Steve

Day 138 – Dyeing To Be Creative

Apologies for the title; I can’t help myself with the puns. If you’ve been reading along throughout the year at all, you may have noticed that I love to play on words. What can I say, I revel in my cheesyness….

So, what you’re looking at is a vase, filled with water. The little circle emblem – that’s just some sort of artsy thing on the vase that looks interesting once the food coloring was dropped in and the colors started to swirl around. One drop of red and blue food coloring was all that was needed (strong stuff).

Two flashes were used, on either side of the vase, which was on and backed by white posterboard – both flashes were at 1/2 power – camera specs are 1/160 sec., f/11, ISO 50.

Once I got the photos downloaded, I turned this picture on it’s side and cropped it to accentuate the shape of the vase, and walah…


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  1. Natalie / May 22 2010 7:13 PM

    First, never apologize for your “cheesyness”. Second.. totally cool shot.. you must have shot this quickly to get it before the drops hit the bottom of the vase. I like that you turned it sideways for your final, but if the red were on the left, it would be a great “patriotic” or 4th of July subject. Speaking of… any thoughts on Flags? Flag day is coming (yes memorial and 4th of July too..)… just a thought. I’m guessing you can come up with something spectacular.

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