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May 2, 2010 / Steve

Day 122 – Carlsbad Steeple

I’ve driven by this new church in our neighborhood more times than I can remember. Several times when the steeple was in front of a dusk sky I’ve thought “that would make a good picture”.

Check this one off the list of photos to take…

I don’t take a lot of architectural photos, but I’m starting to think maybe I should, especially when you see stuff like this, and this.



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  1. Marilyn Kanitz / May 2 2010 9:20 PM

    That is a beautiful steeple. What does the rest of the church look like?

    Have a good week, MK

    • Steve / May 2 2010 9:27 PM

      Thanks. Unfortunately, the rest of the church’s architecture isn’t as inspiring (in my humble opinion). You have a great week too!

  2. Natalie / May 3 2010 9:50 AM

    I don’t think you can go wrong with architectural photos… nice shot.

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