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April 16, 2010 / Steve

Day 106 – TGIF (The pink drink edition)

TGIF! We celebrated by going to dinner at Sammy’s, at a location that just reopened after burning to the ground last year. I strained a muscle in my back this week and it’s been killing me today. Aside from heat pads and Advil, I thought I’d go old school and see if a drink would help tonight. I decided to strobe up a good looking drink in one of our striped martini glass. The concoction I put together didn’t have much color character to play off of the blue stripe on the glass so I added a drop of red food coloring, which turned it PINK. I was hoping for maybe orange… whatever… the colors work.

I applied lots of light from two strobes and a bit of post processing for what’s called “high key” effect. I did my shots, and then grabbed the glass for a taste. Ya gotta throw that pinkie way out there when you sip this one, but it’s actually quite tasty.

  • 1 part Mandarin Vodka
  • 1 part Malibu Rum
  • 1 part Sweet & Sour (one that’s more bitter than sweet though)
  • Shake it up with ice in a martini shaker

*The drink won’t be pink when you make it, but if you like the color, add one drop of red food coloring. The original color was just way to boring for a photo, and using a drink as a photo subject is really stretching it in the first place in my opinion so it really needs some help.


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