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March 16, 2010 / Steve

Day 75 – The 2010 Flow League

The Wave House in San Diego is an amazing place. My friend Vic and I went to see the 3rd night of the 2010 Flow League Competition, which is on Tuesdays for about 9 weeks.

While trying to plan future photo opportunities, I remembered how cool this place was, so I put it on the calendar and was actually really excited to go today. I even had to stop myself as I grabbed the camera at lunch and headed out the door out of habit, remember what great photos I’ll be getting later in the evening.

The Wave House is right on the beach in Mission Beach, has great music, and you can dig your feet into the sand while you relax and watch people ride this perfect man-made wave. It takes me about 5 or 10 minutes to feel like I’m on vacation when I go to this place, and I always end up wondering why I don’t go there more often.

Anyhow, the event begins with the less experienced riders, and it turns into a real show in the last hour when all the best riders do their stuff, wear costumes, etc.

Even with the surf isn’t happening on the beach, there’s always perfect waves here. I took more than just one decent picture at this event to share just one, so you can view the 19 other select shots on my smugmug account.


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  1. Natalie / Mar 25 2010 7:08 AM

    Awesome shot!

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