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March 10, 2010 / Steve

Day 69 – The Grammy Award Winner Next Door

Having grown up in Michigan, it’s always been strange to me how most people in southern California neighborhoods really don’t know each other. Until we moved to San Diego, we never knew any of our neighbors beyond what their names where and maybe what they did for a living. Now, we live on a pretty cool street and know most of our nearby neighbors pretty well, or so I thought….

Say hello to my next door neighbor, Steve Churchyard – a two-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer.

Canon 5D Mark II | 1/125 sec. | f/11 | ISO 100
AlienBee 800, shot into a 64″ Parabolic Light Modifier at 1/2 power from camera right.

Steve and his family lived right next door for probably two years before I found out that he was this big-time music industry sound engineer. You never know who might be living right next door, huh? It’s not like we didn’t speak though; we exchanged pleasantries in the street and enjoyed neighborhood gatherings for holidays and birthday parties just like everyone else. I guess it’s the difference between being neighbors and becoming friends.

Click the pic to view it BIG!
You can see from this picture that Steve has been awarded the two grammys near him on the floor (for his recent work in 2009 with the latin artist “Juanes”), plus multiple gold and platinum records, ranging among many artists such as The Eagles, INXS, The Pretenders, Sophie B. Hawkins, and many more. The list of artists he’s worked with is nothing short of impressive, and boy does he have stories! If you like, you can check out his web site at

Many thanks to the folks at at Signature Sound in San Diego for letting me do photo shoot in their recording studio today!


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  1. Dave / Mar 10 2010 8:49 PM

    excellent shot, as always, but this time the story is what really makes it!

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