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February 6, 2010 / Steve

Day 37 – “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall”

I love finding interesting patterns and colors in things you see every day, and this block wall caught my eye while I was walking my dog  tonight.

I was thinking of a title for this post, and it struck me – Pink Floyd! I actually sung it out loud – “All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.

My wife looked at me and said: “Is that really the lyrics? I thought it was “All In all, it’s just a mother breakin’ the law.”

I’m still giggling about it. 🙂 However, I’ve made this sort of mistake myself. If you know the song “Jet Airliner” by the Steve Miller Band, then you know the lyrics are “… Big ol’ jet airliner, don’t carry me to far away…”. Well, I used to sing “Big ol’ jet had a light on….”

This could be pretty entertaining. If you’ve ever misunderstood the lyrics to a song in a way that’s funny, share it in the comments below.


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  1. Melissa / Feb 18 2010 6:02 AM

    Absolutely beautiful, would love this in my yard….and I’m known to not know lyrics at all, the kids correct me now, so I have to limit my singing at least with them in the car! 🙂

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